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Whitticisms is a blog about and for fans of the Toronto Blue Jays.

From the mind of Dan Young – a seasoned fan of the team going back to the days of the mid 1980s at Exhibition Stadium. He has been there for many of the highs (1987 & 1989 & 1992 & 1993) and lows (pretty much any season since 1993). A Season Ticket holder since 2013 following the trade with the Miami Marlins that put the Jays on the course for the World Series that year (it didn’t), he has seen many ups and downs in recent years.

Dan is an unusual Canadian. While his friends grew up playing hockey and worshipping idols like Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Roy and Mario Lemieux, he celebrated the game of baseball. It was during these years that he would discover his hero by home plate for the Toronto Blue Jays – Ernie Whitt.

This blog will share his views on the Jays and baseball from one fan’s perspective in Toronto. Follow along as the Jays set out on the ups and downs of the Major League Season.



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